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Process of Ceramic Printing :
  • Biscuit - Printing - Glazing - Heating in Lehr @ 1200˚C or as required.
  • Biscuit - Glazing - Heating - Completely made - Printed - 800˚C Heated for 30 Minutes.

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Salient Features of the  Machines :

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  • 166 Patents Worldwide.
  • Patented Sealed Ink Cup.
  • Fast plate cup change over assembly is provided with the machine as an Standard accessory.
  • Low running downtime cost.

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  Advantages of Ceramic Back Stamping Tampopad Press :
  • The printing results are sharp and dark.
  • Pre-Prints of Water Transfer or Decals are not required.
  • Decoration of irregular shapes possible.
  • We can provide block at short notice.

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